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When we first created this web site devoted to Vanilla Ice we didn't know what we were getting into. We figured that everyone in the world had forgotten the Iceman's once great fame through the passage of time. We were wrong. Thanks to all of the Vanilla Ice at His Prime visitors, we have learned that there are many loyal fans all around the world. We have received reports and pictures of Vanilla chillin and kicking it around the U.S.

The Vanilla Ice Watch received over 200 emails since March! The funky fly hip hop Iceman has been spotted everywhere across the U.S.!

What is the Iceman doing now??

We're glad you asked. It seems that Vanilla has been keeping busy. We all know about his clothing/sports store called To The Extreme in Florida. Many people have written about their experiences about going there and trying to talk to the Ice. We are still waiting for someone to tell the Iceman about our little shrine too him. Perhaps he will one day visit our site! We can only hope.

Then there was overwhelming email about how the Iceman raps on the new Bloodhound Gangalbum. He makes a guest appearance on one the songs. Maybe this means that he is making a come back! The world can only hope so!

There have been 20 or so reports that Vanilla is coming out with another album. This has been unconfirmed, but not discounted. Many of your emails have asked us if we knew if he is releasing another album any time soon .... and our answer is: We Hope So!

Quite a few people have claimed that they have seen Vanilla at their colleges, high schools, favorite hangouts, and clubs. Ice must be getting around pretty quick to be sighted this many times. It must be his fly bike that gets him around so quickly.

Then there are the people that claim that they have seen Vanilla as a bus boy, taking orders at Taco Bell and pumping gas for a living. How could we believe that the Master of Rap would be working at Mickee D's???? It is not possible. If he was, it probably was because he was taking some time off to contemplate some new lyrics without his fans hunting him down!

Well that's all we have to write for now .... keep those emails coming in and remember to:

Prepare for The Return of The Ice Man!