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At His Prime

You all remember him. The out of place college cheerleader with an attitude... The first rapper to sell many thousands of records.. VANILLA ICE. He even got paid a cool million to do a movie, Cool as Ice. If you remember, this is the movie where Vanilla Ice takes his motorcycle and jumps a picket fence out of nowhere.

The first song on the soundtrack even features; yep yep you guessed it, Naomi Campbell. Remind me to scratch her off my next list for Santa. We'd download some tracks but we do not believe in satomastic behavior. But the point all this, where the hell is he now? hunny fly.

Well he spent a mil on his house in Miami and could be seen wave running it around the area like all the other true hard gangsters, that he once liked to group himself with. But, the bills started accumulating up and hence his last, ever more real album. Blaming his manager for his former pop sickle boy image, he now was a hard core, dread sporting pot head. Needless to say the album did not do well. That is what happens when you turn your back on your true self. But even in this state of regret of his earlier image (he also lost the dreads) he still has a hot chick. What is with this? He is only a shadow of his former glory. We will stand behind the Ice Ice Baby image till the day we die, but pigs will fly before we get near him today. But we sit here typing with no woman to talk about and he . If he had stayed true we could understand. What is with you women, we ask all you women being all 10 to 30% of you on the net, why this is? How can a man who was once so great turn on his glory and still get with the fly ladies?